Design           Development          Distribution    

  Imaginamics LLC   

     is formed to bring dynamic imaginations together to  

 design, develop, and distribute innovative projects.  


It is our mission at Imaginamics to design and develop projects from the inception of creative imagination into developing those dynamic concepts into reality for distribution. Imaginamcs is not limited in scope for these projects. We shall explore the many aspects of turning ideas into design. We can assist in the management of development. We will analyze the probabilities for successful distribution.


WE, at Imaginamics, invite you contact us through this site. We are a group of consultants and have expert advice on developing your ideas. Our range of expertise is wide and varied. We specialize in probability and statistical analysis, computer science and engineering, auto and avionics, all aspects of literary development. And all aspects of casino development, operations, gaming consumer profile analysis, game design, and marketing.